Volunteers at The WaveCampaigning is a really important part of the fight against global poverty. As we hope you realise after your 10 weeks on Platform2, poverty is a complex problem with difficult solutions. Overseas aid from foreign governments and the actions of international NGOs play a very important role in tackling poverty, but that alone will not end poverty. Frequently it is the actions of local, national and international governments along with multi-national corporations (and the institutions and systems they invented) that keep people poor. Only by challenging those governments, corporations and institutions can we bring about positive change for the world's poor. Campaigning is the way to do just that.

The Wave - Climate Change DemonstrationVolunteers at the Wave climate change demo
In December 2009, the United Nation’s climate change talks took place in Copenhagen. In order to influence the talks and put pressure on the Government to make the climate change deal count, over 76 Platform2 returnees joined the 60,000 demonstrators at The Wave in London on 5th December.

Campaigning and you!

Speak to your MP

As well as getting involved in campaigning opportunities you can campaign directly through meeting your local MP and making sure that they know how you feel about the issues that matter to you. As one of their constituents, they have to listen to you!

If you're interested in doing something like this, a good place to start is by knowing who they are and how they vote. You can find this out from this really useful website: . From this website you can:

  • See their voting record (there is also a really handy overview of how they tend to vote on things too!)
  • Set up email alerts to keep up-to-date with what YOUR MP is doing and how they vote
It is really easy to send them an email about your experience and any issues that you are passionate about. You could even give them a call or arrange to come to their surgery (regular meetings that they hold in your local area). You would be surprised by how willing your MP may be to meet you!

So what are you waiting for? Check out your MP and get in contact with them, remember that their voice is your voice! And don't forget that your regional VDO will be happy to help you with any of this.
Hit the streets with your campaign

As well as making your voice known to your MP, you may also wish to raise awareness amongst Joe Public! A fun way of doing this is by organising a flash mob.

What is a flash mob?

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time and then quickly disperse.

Why are Platform2 / Christian Aid flash mobs different?

We use flash mobs to make a point about poverty as well as having a bit of fun!

In December, campaigners in Warrington held a Bucket Head flash mob to raise awareness about Climate Change.  They wanted to make local people aware that as well as people overseas, they will also be affected by Climate Change and need the buckets that they were given on the day!

Take Action!!

As you can see you can get involved in campaigning in a variety of different ways: join a demonstration like Josh, lobby your MP, fill in an online action, organise a flash mob or stunt… the list is endless! For more ideas about what you can get involved in take a look at the following websites:

Current Christian Aid Campaigns

Climate Change -
Tax Dodging -
For more information on the range of Christian Aid's campaigns visit the .

Campaigning with other organisations

Links to other organisations campaigning on some of the different global issues affecting poverty can be found on the different global issues pages.