Sometimes giving some of your time to an organisation or cause can be the most valuable way of contributing to the fight against global poverty.
Christian Aid Volunteering Opportunities

Christian Aid Gap Year

An unbelievable opportunity to get experience working for a big NGO for 10 months and it’s all expenses paid! Working with students and young people in the fight to eradicate poverty!

Christian Aid Events Volunteer

Help plan events in your region to assist the work of Christian Aid, it could be a localised version of a national event or something specific to your area!

Christian Aid Volunteer teacher

Help children of all ages to learn and think for themselves what’s happening in poorer countries, by visiting schools in your area. Children are our future and if we don’t give them information, who else will?

Volunteering with other organisations


BUNAC are the lovely people who organised the overseas side of the Platform2 programme. BUNAC offer work abroad, summer camp and other international volunteer opportunities.

Concordia and UNA Exchange

Both of these NGOs organise low cost short-term international volunteer projects in partnership with similar organisations across the world. They also have volunteer opportunities in the UK.

VSO – Global Xchange

The Global Xchange programme is a six-month exchange programme which gives young people from different countries a unique opportunity to work together, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution where it is needed in local communities.