One of the most obvious ways of telling people about your Platform2 experiences is to talk to them! Of course you will be talking to whoever will listen about your experiences, but if you want to do this in a more formal way it's a good idea to consider giving a presentation of some kind.

The word "presentation" will fill most people with at least a little bit of fear, so if you feel that then don't worry - it just means you're human! Read the documents below from the Presentation Skills workshop at Express, and you'll be well along the way to making it a success.

Presentation Skills Booklet - a complete How To guide with lots of hints and tips
How to use Powerpoint in your presentation - An example of how PowerPoint can distract from your presentation, or enhance it!
How to use non-computer visual aids in your presentation
Presentation Feedback Sheet - a sheet you might want to give someone viewing your presentation for effective feedback

You might also want to have a look at the following videos for some tips on how to (and how not to!) do a presentation:

Presentation Pitfalls: (how many errors can you find?)

Finally you may find the following files useful for creating your own presentations:

Platform2 Template Powerpoint Slides.

If you need any more assistance, then get in touch with your regional VDO who may be able to help, and in any case let them know what you're planning! We like to keep in touch!

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