Tell your story with PHOTOGRAPHY

Many Platform2 volunteers have amazing photographs from their trips overseas. Don’t let your photos fester in an album, get out there and tell the world about your experience with them! You can organise an exhibition, put together an online slideshow to send to your friends, or create something which you can use when doing talks etc.

Choosing which photos to use

When selecting photographs that you want to display it's important to choose according to quality and also to have a theme which runs throughout. You really want to edit your photos down to under 20 of your best images…..people will get bored of looking at hundreds of your holiday snaps!

It's really important that you choose a theme for your photos rather than just a collection of the best ones from the different parts of your trip. Your theme can be a global issue (eg. water use, climate change, gender inequality) or it can be a visual theme (eg. landscapes, portraits, photojournalism, etc.)

10 easy steps to organising your own Photography exhibition

Step 1

Do you want to hold an exhibition of your own work or one using other people’s images, maybe even hold a Platform2 photography competition? If you are holding a competition you will need to find judges before you start receiving entries. Is the purpose of the exhibition to raise money or awareness? If it’s fundraising, then think what ideas you can use from the .

Step 2

Put together a clear timetable of when you want to receive the artwork/photos by, when you want to start exhibiting and how. You will need to think about how you want to display the work and how much the materials will cost.

Step 3

Talk to other Platform2 volunteers and your VDO about how they can help or get involved. You could even design a poster to send out to them.

Step 4

Start deciding on which ones you are going to use. Think about how to display them as this will help to save time later.

Step 5

Find a venue that suits the size of your exhibition. Always tell the venue managers that it’s a not for profit event and try to get it for free or at least discounted  If a gallery isn’t suitable then library’s, music venues, coffee shops, churches, and youth centres are worth a try.

Step 6

Try to include some information about and the work it does to be displayed alongside the art pieces/photos. Your will be happy to help you get this together.

Step 7

Advertise: Invite all your friends, family and Platform2 volunteers in your region (don't forget the regional Facebook groups) and ask them to spread the word. Set it up as a facebook event and invite everyone that you know. Ask your local newspaper to do a piece on the exhibition. Design a poster and flyers about a week or two before the event.

Step 8

For the first night /day of the exhibition invite people for free and offer them drinks and snacks as an incentive to spread the word! Remember to invite !

Step 9

Rope your friends and family (or maybe other helpful Platform2ers!) to volunteer to help you put up the work and also to take it down. Give yourself enough time to put up the work just in case there is a mini crisis.

Step 10 – final details

Once you have the people, the venue and the music organised you can start putting the final details in place. Do a programme for the evening, just in case it gets chaotic; that way you know who is supposed to be where and at what stage in the evening.

Sharing an online album

There are loads of websites which will help you to do this. Remember only to use your best photos (not all of your random holiday snaps) and then send around a link to all of your friends and family. Contact your VDO to upload your pics to the Platform2 Flickr gallery.
Here are , which are edited down to a theme.

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