One great way to spread the message is to hold an event such as a fashion show, a food night or hold a Quiz-aid competition.

Fashion shows

Fashion shows could feature Fairtrade goods from one of the Platform2 project countries, or could be an auction
or clothes ‘swish’ where the profits go to charity. Fashion shows can be held in clubs,
student unions, or even in your own home.

Food nights

Food nights are the newest craze for socialising so why not hold a cooking and eating evening with an ethical twist?

Quiz aid

Quiz aid is similar to the pub quiz or other popular contests for testing people's general knowledge but doing it with a Platform2 point of view,
it can be a great way of challenging people to think about the reality of
life in other countries.
Click on the links above, or on the links to the right, to get more ideas  and resources for holding your own event! When you do, let us know what you got up to and we'll write about it here on the site.

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