Postcards for Change Blog 2 - Children

Postcards for Change Blog 2!
As the 1st of June was International Children’s Day we decided to have our weekly Postcards for Change blog on this theme. Be inspired and enjoy!

'Many children under the age of five in Peru are not registered as citizens of the country because their parents can’t afford to make the journey to the city. This means they can’t access national health services or education. It’s as if they do not exist.'
By Chelsie Miller

'Education is important, and with the opportunity of getting a good education, the options can be endless.'
By Janine Bourgeois
Read about how Christian Aid are ensuring young people in Sudan still receive their education despite the conflict here -


'The inspiration for this postcard came from Ghana school pupil Jerry. He would sit in the classrooms in the evenings after school was closed. This was so he would be able to access electricity and light to study for his exams.'
By Meryl Noronah
Get more information on the global issue of development in the resources section of the Platform2 website here –

'The right to dream, play and laugh.'
By Isabelle Neil
Read Moss Green’s reflections on playing with the children in Peru here –

'Countries in conflict use children in fighting because it is easy to impact them and change their opinions. Children are often taken away from their families who are told they have been taken away to school when they are actually taken to ‘re-education camps’ and are trained as child soldiers.'
By Hannah Griffiths
Watch a short film themed on child soldiers here –

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