A very important cup of Tea

Platform2 and Christian Aid - A day of Tea and Lobbying!

This week Platform2 and Christian Aid have been more than busy lobbying MPs on poverty and development issues!
Thursday brought ‘Tea time for Change,’ an event organised by a consortium of Non Government Organisations – Action Aid, Bond, CAFOD, Oxfam, Save the Children, Tearfund and Christian Aid – and the idea was to sit and put the world to rights with your MP over a cup of tea.
The three things they were discussing throughout the day were:-
We wanted supporters to thank their MPs, as even in this time of financial crisis, the UK government has continued it’s commitment to the 0.7% of Gross National Income allocation to aid. Not only this, but our government have led in world wide efforts to ensure aid is transparent and effective.
2.Supporting tax transparency
Developing countries miss out on $160 dollars a year through tax evasion. This could easily be avoided if simple procedures were put in place – country-by-country, and project-by-project financial reporting for gas, oil and mining companies.
This year, there are urgent opportunities for the UK government to press for more corporate transparency through UK legislation, at the European Union, and at the G20 meeting in November. We want to make sure that they seize these chances and enable poor communities to free themselves from poverty by raising funds for development from their own resources.
3.Robin Hood Tax
The Robin Hood Tax is a campaign that has gained international support since it began in 2010 and it is something we want the UK government to back too. The implications would be a Financial Transaction Tax on all large bank transactions, generating billions of pounds for the UK and developing countries. In the UK alone in one year this would generate £20 billion, enabling the budget to be preserved for facilities such as schools and hospitals.
Throughout the day, 1600 people came to show their support and lobbied 131 MPs. Quite impressive if you think there are 600 MPs in the House of Commons!
It was a fun day, and the atmosphere was incredible. Check out this video to see some reflections from supporters and MPs on the day -

More info on the Lobbying we've been doing coming up soon!

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