Natasha - Whats fufu got to do with education?

'This is scene I saw often in Ghana; one person standing lifting the heavy pestle, pounding the yam in to fufu, and another sitting next to the mortar moving the dough.This latter act seems to be an art that Ghanaians learn in their lifetime, the ability to place your hand in the mortar without your fingers being smashed by the huge pestle, something I didn't dare to try!'

'The daughter in this picture is just 14 years old, and should have been at school. However, she often has to stay at home in order to help her parents run their shop. Despite the state education being free, many children do not attend school because their parents need their help in the family business.'

1. Boil Yam until soft.
2. Pound in pestle and mortar until it has the consistency of dough, regularly splashing water on the mixture.
3. Form into a ball and serve in the centre of a dish with the soup surrounding.

This is a dish that is traditionally eaten with your fingers - even the soup!!
Natasha Kendrick
Recipe for Groudnut Soup coming soon!

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