Platform2 volunteer resources


First of all welcome home to our volunteers, and welcome here to new volunteers who wish to take the Platform2 spirit into their communities. Here you will find pages of ideas and resources to help you start expressing your Platform2 experience.

You may be looking forward to getting involved in the many exciting opportunities Platform2 has to offer. However, it may also feel a bit weird and you may be feeling a little unsettled and unsure of what to do next. This resources area is packed full of goodies to help you get started and has been divided up into 4 sections: Act, Speak, Create and Global Issues.

The Act, Speak and Create sections are all about how you can creatively express your Platform2 experiences in the UK using whatever talents and interests you have. There are loads of examples of what previous returnees have done to inspire you, so feel free to copy their ideas or to follow your own original path!

The Global Issues section is split into the 12 different topics from the Platform2 Global Issues Framework, which you will have seen before. These key global issues represent the roots of poverty around the world and these are the things we hope you've learnt about during your Platform2 experience. Each topic page has information, educational resources and videos as well as links to , and other organisations who are working on those issues.

Finally, in the Information section you can find links to the online Facebook groups as well as some good advice about how to deal with coming back to life in the UK.