Blog Time! (Couldnt upload images - Apologies)My name is Matthew and I was on the final platform2 trip to Peru from October to December 2012. This experience has been the greatest of my life so far and im pleased that I can share a bit with all who are reading.Over 30 young people from the UK travelled on a 16 hour journey to Peru. I had no idea what Peru would be like and so my expectations were minimal, which actually made things excititng...

I was part of a project in a village in the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh, in the north of India, during the summer of 2009.
I have some great memories from that time. I enjoyed going round to different parts of the village of Rajnali to do community surveys. It was really eye-opening to see how these people lived; many people did not have toilets.
One woman we spoke to had blue hands, we asked her why and she said that...

I was sent to India in the Summer of 2010 for free by  Platform2 and given the opportunity to experience the Indian lifestyle in its rawest form. In hindsight my visit taught me a lot not just about myself but about the culture, people and development issues that we as Westerners overlook.
Entering India was like entering another world that is in honesty about 100 years behind the rest. What makes my ten week visit stand...

I had two encounters with India; hectic polluted filthy Delhi and serene peaceful placid Himachal Pradesh. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Himilayas, reminscent of a postcard. The sun beaming over snowcapped mountains was one of the most beautiful sights for me. I settled in quite quickly into what was to be my new home for the next 10 weeks. My first day at the school made me realise how accomodating everyone in India actually is....

Platform2 returnee Sophie Andreas moved to New Zealand a few days after
her Express and has been supporting Christian Aid from the other side of
the world. She took part in Live Below the Line, has held film events
and is now in Training for the Auckland Marathon!!! We just wanted to
say a big thanks for your commitment and good luck with all the

If anyone else fancies taking on a challenge to...

In the last 2 weeks we have seen and heard about the
humanitarian emergency happening in East Africa. Rising food prices,
displacement of people, conflict and failed rains have forced
many people into refugee camps and left many suffering from
These postcards pull out some of the main themes from the
emergency, climate change, shelter and food.

Moses Muriki is 19 years old and comes
from a village called Maua in Kenya. He currently lives in Meru with his
auntie. While we stayed with them on our Platform2 trip they made us
feel very welcome and catered our every need.
Moses moved to Meru so he could work for
his auntie, as his parents could not afford his school fees. He is
intelligent, his English is very...

Postcards for Change Blog 4 –
Every child deserves education.
It’s a fundamental stepping stone on the path to
adulthood. Education helps to reduce poverty
and create wealth.  Lots of the postcards you have
submitted have focused on education and we have a selection of them for
you below...  

(served here with boiled

2 large onions, finely

2 cloves of garlic
4 large very ripe tomatoes
200g creamy peanut butter/...

'This is scene I saw often in Ghana; one person
standing lifting the heavy pestle, pounding the yam in to fufu,
and another sitting next to the mortar moving the dough.This latter act
seems to be an art that Ghanaians learn in their lifetime, the ability
to place your hand in the mortar without your fingers being smashed by
the huge pestle, something I didn't dare to try!'