Sad reality

We’re now over half way through the project. The time has gone so quickly. I’ve spent the last two weeks working at Akal boys school as we weren’t allowed to our project area because the kids had exams. It’s a real shame we weren’t allowed to teach the kids who didn’t have any exams. At the boys school we planted trees and wrote slogans on the walls. It was tough writing in Hindi on a bumpy wall with 2ft high letters. Some mistakes were made! Not sure if the kids will take on the messages we wrote, like “boys and girls are the same", and "save water", etc.

Life in the Desert . . .

A combination of a dodgy internet connection, power cuts and Jaisalmer being too interesting to spend time there starring at a computer screen means writing regular blogs is hard!

First impressions . . .

We’ve been in India for 5 days now- minus one day spent on a coach and one night on a sleeper train. India is quite like how I expected, just, more extreme. Its busy, extremely hot, the poverty is in your face, and a lot of people try to rip you off. On the other hand I’ve had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, provided by IDEX and our host family. The time we spent at our host family was fantastic, they were hospitable, friendly, amazing cooks and it was good to learn about Indian family life.

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